Bober Lannister EA MT5 Forex Robot


Bober Lannister EA MT5 Forex Robot


Bober Lannister MT5 – is fully automated cross platform trading robot. Only one trade at a time.

No “Recovery algorithm (martingale)” or other dangerous strategies involved. Next order lot size always the same according to Risk settings regardless of achieved result by previous one. Virtual TP and SL  keeps the same distance. Live settings optimized by using real ticks data.

Recommended pairs

My favorite are EURCHF, GBPUSD, EURNZD, CHFJPY, EURAUD and many others. We can also use other pairs by using decent sets.

Broker and Leverage

“Bober Lannister MT5” is not broker sensitive, you may chose any broker you trust to. The less  spread and commission, the better.

Recommended leverage is 1:30, 1:100 or 1:500 .


1) Enter your Metaquotes-Demo account.

2) Make modelling quality  “Every ticks based on real ticks”

3) Specify dates since 2017.01.01 up to Now.

4) Click Start” button


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