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Hello dear friends…

  • This page is designed to help you use our site smoothly and easily.
  • To get started, select the Store menu item to see the products.
  • All our products in this section are marked by category.
  • You can view and choose the cheapest or newest products.
  • Click on the photo to see product information to open it.
  • On the product page you will find the product photo and full information.
  • The price of the product and the type of receipt are available on the page.
  • Click “Purchase” to add it to the cart.
  • Then click “Checkout” to see the selected product.
  • Then click on one of the two payment methods (Bitcoin and Ethereum)
  • Complete your information and click Payment.
    On the checkout page, deposit the amount of bitcoin or ethereum you want, and automatically download and download the relevant file in the email and final page.
  • Note: Please enter your complete and accurate information.
  • Note: Please refer to support if you have problems.
  • Note: You only have fifteen minutes to pay and then the equivalent price will change.
  • To buy bitcoin or ethereum, go to
    Binance – Coinbase – OKEx – Bitfinex or similar sites
    We have no guarantee of product performance and the manufacturer is responsible for it